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Thank you for your interest in working with WRC. There are two levels of involvement - Committee Members and Welcome Circle Teams. Please take a look at the committees listed below, and select those that match your interests. Please know each of our volunteers is required to undergo a background check. We look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome Circle Team

A Welcome Circle Team is a group of 6-8 core members who support newcomers' integration into their new communities in the United States. Members of a Circle are hands-on with the family and will help them connect to specialty committees (listed below) to facilitate areas like school enrollment, benefits and employment.  Circle Members DO NOT need to be specialists in these areas, simply ready to step in and make connections. It's an exciting opportunity to really get to know a new family and make a difference. This is a six month commitment.



Sign up as an approved driver to shuttle the family to local appointments. A driver's license background check is required in addition to a general background check.


Got skills in asking for money, writing grant proposals, or planning events? Join the team to support our work.


Ready to learn about the skills the new family brings to our community? Help them prepare for employment in the U.S. and locate jobs.


Help the family enroll their children in school. And, join our team of tutors ready to work one-on-one with family members (both children and adults) to facilitate their mastery of English.


Savvy with website design or social media? Help us get the word out about what the WRC is doing.

Housing Set-Up

Join the team to set-up a new home. Help collect necessary items, and scavenge through Buy Nothing groups, thrift stores and tag sales to make a welcoming home.

Healthcare/Public Assistance

Help a new family understand and connect to the local healthcare system, insurance benefits, and other necessary public benefits.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Local Businesses
1-3 hours/week
Provide transportation to adults
Own Transportation
Tutor an adult in English 1-3 hours/week
Own Transportation, Fluent in English
Volunteer Interest Form
Is this your first time expressing an interest to work with WRC?
If you have already worked with WRC, did you have a background check?

Thanks for your interest!

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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