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Westchester Resettlement Coalition (WRC) welcomes refugees
to Westchester County, providing them with the support they need to reclaim their lives and work toward becoming self-sufficient.

WRC acts as both a financial and emotional safety net for new refugees, helping families and individuals:

  • Find and pay for housing

  • Learn to speak English

  • Find jobs

  • Manage health care issues

  • Facilitate early transportation needs

Updates & Milestones
Family Updates

The "T" Family

On July 31, 2023, WRC volunteers picked up the T Family at JFK International Airport.  The family is comprised of parents in their early 30s, an 8-year-old girl, and a five-year-old boy.  We brought them to temporary housing in Ossining, NY, and provided them with fresh food, pantry items, and household necessities.  The family's father worked for the U.S. military for about 10 years. His spoken and written English are both excellent.  Although the children weren't able to go to school for the last 2 years (due to safety concerns), the 8-year-old daughter taught herself a good deal of English while at home (via YouTube!).  Neither mom nor the 5-year-old son speaks English...yet!


Upon arrival, the family had initial concerns about living in Westchester and wanted to first investigate Queens as a place to live because they have some close friends living there. Over the last two weeks, WRC volunteers have shown the family around Queens, as well as around Yonkers and White Plains, and have helped them acclimate to their temporary housing.  After much deliberation, the T family has ultimately decided to resettle in Queens, NY, and is very grateful for the community sponsorship assistance provided by WRC.  

Common Point Queens will continue to provide services to the T family in Queens.

The "K" Family

Our family of five adults from Kyiv, Ukraine has decided to remain in their Yonkers apartment for another year.  Their remaining outstanding request is for WRC volunteers to hopefully help find a car for them.   They are looking for a reasonably priced, gently used 4-door car that can fit 5 adults.  Their preference is for car models from years 2017 and up.  Please contact us if you have any car leads!


WRC will look forward to welcoming another family soon in the coming months.

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